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Louisiana EPFP Coordinator
   Louisiana EPFP Site Sponsoring Organization

Zakenya Perry Neely
Deputy Director of Programs and Administration
Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN)

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Louisiana EPFP is co-sponsored by the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN) and the Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL), a national organization based in Washington, DC and several organizational partners in Louisiana.

EPFP will benefit individuals, organizations, and government in Louisiana by helping emerging leaders in education and related fields acquire new perspectives and skills needed to function effectively in the increasing complex, political, and changing environment of state-level education.


Louisiana EPFP is designed to work towards the implementation of sound education policy and practice in Louisiana by:

  • Engaging Stakeholders
  • Enlarging Networks
  • Developing Leaders
  • Deepening Understanding
  • Honing Skills
  • Building Capacity
  • Creating Consensus

To learn more about LA EPFP and OPEN, please visit the Louisiana EPFP website





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