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2017 WPS Resources
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2017 WPS- Navigating Education Policy Change
Memories & Resources

Digital Memories

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Halperin Lecture Transcription

Future Opportunities

Apply to Global EPFP

Civil Rights Bus Tour Blog

Freedom '64 website- 2017 Bus Tour Coming Soon!

American Youth Policy Forum website

The Ever Debatable Federal Role by Mike Usdan, Senior Fellow and former President of IEL

Choosing Our Future: A Story of Opportunity in America by Irwin Kirsch, Mary Louise Lennon & Anita Sands of ETS and Henry Braun of Boston College

Guide for the Powerless- And Those Who Don't Know Their Own Power by Samuel Halperin

Plenary Slides

From Beating the Odds to Changing the Odds- Halperin Lecture by Karen Pittman

The Movement's in the Room- Closing Plenary by Kent McGuire

Breakout Session Resources

PreK-20 Alignment and Collective Impact

Funding Brighter Futures: How Local Governments are Enhancing Investments in Kids - Elizabeth Gaines

Insulated Pipeline: Cradle to Career Investments: What do they cost? Who pays? - Elizabeth Gaines

School Choice, Magnets, Vouchers, and Equity

DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education's 2015-2018 Strategic Plan - D.C. State Superintendent Hanseul Kang

Teacher Education: Strengthening the Professional Continuum

LPI: Solving the Teacher Shortage: How to Attract and Retain Excellent Educators - Maria E. Hyler

LPI: A Coming Crisis in Teaching? Teacher Supply, Demand, and Shortages in the U.S. - Maria E. Hyler

LPI: The Teacher Residency, An Innovative Model for Preparing Teachers - Maria E. Hyler

LPI: Addressing California's Emerging Teacher Shortage - Maria E. Hyler

LPI: Addressing California's Growing Teacher Shortage: 2017 Update - Maria E. Hyler

NEA Report: Transforming Teaching: Connecting Professional Responsibility with Student Learning - Segun Eubanks

What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do - Peggy Brookins NBPTS

Sustaining the Teaching Profession - Peggy Brookins NBPTS

Using Title II of ESSA to Support Accomplished Teaching in States & Districts - Peggy Brookins NBPTS

The Proven Impact of Board Certified Teachers on Student Achievement - Peggy Brookins NBPTS

School Ambassador Fellowship Program - US Department of Education

Teach to Lead - US Department of Education, NBPTS, & ASCD

Teach to Lead Objectives and Summits & Project Data - US Department of Education, NBPTS, & ASCD












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