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Global EPFP

The purpose of the Global Education Policy Fellowship Program (GEPFP) is to provide Senior Fellows with the opportunity to study education policy in the Age of Globalization by investigating education development challenges in economically developed and developing countries. GEPFP is a unique experience open to senior level leaders with an interest in global education policy, combining online learning with an international field experience. (GEPFP Fellows have participated in field experiences in Bhutan, China, India, and the United Kingdom).


"As someone who believes that the teaching of global competence is an essential 21st century skill set I want to share with you my sincere gratitude for organizing another very successful trip in an foreign land."

Joe Carvin, Founder, One World United & Virtuous


“GEPFP and the UK study tour provided me a valuable learning opportunity. The allowed me to look at education in a new light, see different perspectives, and mostly energized my commitment to education.”

Julie Corbett, President, Corbett Education Consulting, LLC

“The GEPFP experience served as the perfect second bookend to my 45-year career in education policy. The 2011 GEPFP study tour to China was as deeply focused on policy issues in their context as my experience in the IEL’s Washington Interns in Education in 1970-71 (WIE evolved into the s Education Policy Fellowship Program). I encourage anyone who can find the time and resources to support joining this program to do so.”

Dr. Michael Kane, President, MKane, LLC

“The GEPFP program provided an opportunity for me to better understand the impact of policy on education. It also gave me the occasion to reflect on best practices from a global perspective.”

Jennifer Harriton-Wilson, Director of Special, Remedial, and Assessment Services & CIO, Haldane Central School District

Apprenticeships and Private Sector
Partnerships in Germany and Switzerland
2018 Global EPFP

Applications open on May 21, 2018.

Deadline to apply is June 30, 2018. 

From August through December 2018, GEPFP Senior Fellows--experienced education policy leaders and administrators--will participate in monthly two-hour online sessions focused on how economically developed countries prepare young people for a globally interconnected economy and what it means to be "career ready" in the 21st Century.

From October 19 through October 27, GEPFP Senior Fellows will participate in a field study in Stuttgart and Konstanz, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland. They will observe first-hand German and Swiss apprenticeship programs and private sector partnership models, and gain insights into European career training and education reform policies. Senior Fellows will visit schools, universities, and corporations, and will receive briefings from key German and Swiss education leaders and policymakers.

For more information about Global EPFP and the field study to Germany and Switzerland please review the program description.
Please contact GEPFP co-coordinators Bob Monson or Dan Schultz with any questions.

We hope that you take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Through GEPFP, Senior Fellows:

  • Develop greater awareness of how other prepare young people for a globally interconnected economy.
  • Develop a multi-cultural perspective on U.S. efforts to ensure its school are globally competitive. 
  • Observe and engage with leaders shaping school reform efforts. 
  • Establish relationships with global education policy leaders.

The GEPFP experience consists of monthly two-hour online seminars focused on providing context and deep understanding of global policies and issues, an international field experience, a capstone multi-day Washington Policy Seminar, and an [optional] policy analysis on some facet of a selected nation’s education policy initiative and its implications for the United States and/or the organization that sponsors the GEPFP experience.


GEPFP is a multi-year effort led by leading experts in global education, Dr. Bob Monson and Dan Schultz, who bring decades of experience in international development and study abroad programs.

Why Participate in GEPFP?

The GEPFP Senior Fellowship experience will include opportunities and access unavailable on typical study tours.

Watch our promotional video from the 2016 GEPFP study tour of India.

Examples of Policy Analyses

Implications of Chinese Education Policy on the Chartering Strategy in the United States

(by Tim McDonald, Senior Fellow, Harvard University, GEPFP Fellow to China, 2011-12)

School Turnaround in England: Utilizing the Private Sector 

(by Julie Corbett, Corbett Education Consulting, GEPFP Fellow to UK, 2013-14)

Global EPFP Team

Helen Janc Malone
National Director, EPFP

More about Helen

Robert J. Monson
Global EPFP Coordinator

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Daniel W. Schultz
Global EPFP Coordinator

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