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LeaderShipShape April 2017
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LeaderShipShape - April 2017



Destination Known: Valuing College AND Career Readiness in State Accountability Systems

Council for Chief State School Officers and Education Strategy Group track school accountability systems and their ability to help schools prepare students for college and career. According to the report, only six states have current attainment rates above 50 percent, and every state will need to increase its success by more than one percentage point each year to meet the national mark by 2025.

Student Transportation and Educational Access

Urban Institute takes a look at transportation to and from school, examining how certain types of transportation (yellow bus, public) have an effect on students’ ability to perform in school. They examine five example cities to see how their transportation works.

Review of Research in Education

AERA’s compilation of 23 articles offer a retrospective on decades of education research on salient topics including, “Implementation Research: Finding Common Ground on What, How, Why, Where, and Who” and “Dehumanizing the ‘Other’: Race, Culture, and Identity in Education Research”.



The Trap Within Our Brains: Why Awareness, Humility, and Self-Compassion are Powerful Practices for Every Leader

In this article, Dave Mochel looks at how our perceptions of the world affect our leadership style. Using brain science, we learn that our objectivity is different from others. He gives some examples of how we can use this understanding to improve our leadership.

Followable Leadership—Lead so Others Will Follow

Forbes addresses followable leadership. Using a short personal example, the author talks about leading so that others may follow, using five “brave leadership questions.”

TED Talk: Drew Dudley Everyday Leadership

At TEDx Toronto 2010, Drew Dudley looks at how we can be an “everyday leader.” In this short video, he talks about the little things we can do to have an impact on someone. He uses a personal story of to talk about “lollipop moments” that can influence someone else. 



How to Live-Tweet Any Event to Promote Your Organization

Douglas Gould talks about how live tweeting an event can help out your company. Check out these tips on how to utilize the platform.

Two New Databases Connecting the Education Community

·         UVA National Education Researcher Database (NERD)

·         Students at the Center Hub (JFF)

UVA and Jobs for the Future have recently released databases that look at a variety of different topics, including student motivation and cognitive development. These two new databases facilitate engagement between unlikely collaborators in the education community.

Create Non-Toxic Teams

Michael Licenbalt talks about how pressure on a team can lead to toxic environments which hurt productivity and increase stress. He states that to build a high performing team, we need to shift out of the habit of being negative when faced with setbacks, and into the habit of possibility thinking. He charges leaders with the role of facilitating this shift. 

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