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California EPFP is jointly administered by the Education Insights Center and the Center for California Studies at Sacramento State University to support the development of a new generation of skilled, informed education leaders who can develop and implement effective policy.

The program brings together approximately 20 professionals over the course of an academic year to explore critical topics related to the national program’s three pillars: policy, leadership, and networking. California EPFP is tailored to address particular challenges in the state through its focus on 1) connecting K-12 and post-secondary education, and 2) connecting state policy development and local implementation needs.

These connections will be supported through the selection of Fellows, networking opportunities, the curriculum and speaker series, and the applied projects that Fellows complete.       



After completing California EPFP, Fellows will develop knowledge and skills in the context of EPFP's three pillars:


  • Understand concepts of public policy, including the use of policy levers/windows and differences in policy intent and implementation;

  • Be familiar with California's executive, legislative and budget processes; and

  • Understand different needs and vantage points, goals and objectives in the state's education systems, agencies, and non-profits.


  • Be "systems thinkers" and understand the interconnectedness of K-12 and post-secondary education and

  • Be aware of current approaches to improve student learning, progression, and success in both K-12 and higher education.


  • Belong to a network of colleagues across systems and in state-level policy-making and

  • Possess the knowledge, skills, and connections to effectively move into new roles.


Employers will benefit from their employees' expanded networks, which could enhance organizational capacity and effectiveness.



California EPFP Coordinators 
Terra Thorne
Director of Statewide Initiatives
Education Insights Center
Sacramento State University
More about Terra
Andrea Venezia
Executive Director
Education Insights Center
Sacramento State University
More about Andrea


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